On the road, reading novels aloud and watching the scenery change, the climate change, the temperature change. The clouds and humidity disappear and then reappear with a vengeance. The hills turn to canyons and the canyons turn into mesas and the mesas turn into mountains and the mountains turn into prairies. Old friendships are rekindled along the road: Phoenix, the White Mountains, Austin. We drive four-lane interstates where the speed limit is 80 and small town roads at 30. We eat; we feast: the flavors and tastes of this vast country. We are fat and stiff and dusty and wondering, where are we going today? How many miles do we need to travel until the next location? We've gone through two coolers, many refills of the tank, two RV parks, friends' beds, a state park, and we're not half way.

Until then, look for more blog posts post July 20th. Peace.