Cairo by G. Willow Wilson

Finished reading Cairo the other day, a graphic novel about a group of people trying to escape from an evil-doer who kidnaps and kills in an attempt to control a box that contains the ancient word "east" from the divine language.

Interesting conflicts include a reluctant young hero's journey from becoming a would-be martyr driven by anger to an altruistic young man driven by love and curiosity; an impassioned Egyptian journalist's and naive American girl's struggle to understand the other's desire to help the people of the region; and a drug-smuggling arrogant Egyptian discovering love with an Israeli special forces operative. It's a story that blends ancient myth with modern realism--sort of a magical realism-- about love, acceptance, and repositioning of egos.

High-school student appropriate: little swearing, no nudity.

Illustrated by M.K. Perker.
Written by G. Willow Wilson
Published by DC/Vertigo 2007

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