Saturday is National Honey Bee Awareness Day

My friend sent me this link about honey bees, that includes a checklist for getting started as a beekeeper, something that I'm interested in for several reasons: the way the bees will help my garden grow, to help the health of the bee population, interest in the fascinating lives of bees, and to collect my own honey and wax. There's something literary in this hobby as well, something rather poetic (see Sylvia Plath, William Shakespeare, William Butler Yeats, etc). Plus, it's not overly time-consuming, so I need not worry about traveling East for two weeks in the summer, etc.

I'm also using my interest in helping me plan my fall gardening, including planting some fall flowers (if I can find them) such as asters and foxglove and planting some bulbs for next spring. This will attract bees and aid in their dwindling population.

I'm also currently reading Plan Bee by Susan Brackney, an informative introduction for novices like me interested in beekeeping, chock full of information but written with a narrative, witty tone.

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