Ideas for articles

I am starting my freelance writing career. More to follow on that. For now, a list of possible articles for my gig as a Portland Gardening Examiner.

Share Cropping in SE Portland, see OR Public Radio for week of 9/28
Gardening for/with people with disabilities
Urban Guerrilla Gardening in Portland
Urban Homesteading
Permaculture for lower-middle income
Permaculture vs. Homesteading: What's the Difference?
Urban Homesteaders Potluck???
Home Orchard Society
Steve Solomon: guru of organic gardening from Oregon
Portland Permaculture Institute
Growing Gardens

How to make your own incense
Rating local nurseries
Gardening events in Portland
Bee Keeping
Benefits of Chickens and City Ordinances
A butterfly garden
planning for winter
winter projects: creative containers, window boxes, planning for spring, indoor gardening
the indoor garden
local gardens: Japanese, rose garden, peninsula park, classical chinese garden, berry botanic garden
community gardens
volunteer opportunities
where to go for cheap merchandise (bulbs, etc.)
butterfly houses
benefits of bees
think eco-native plants
starting tomatoes
growing tomatoes upside down
fall planting
how to build raised beds
cat garden
companion planting
using color
OR garden in Silverton
homesteading on low income without a car

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