as summer falls away

Oh, the woes of being busy. No time to stroll with my camera through my garden. No time to sit and write about flowers and blossoms and bees. I've been too busy with my stellar social life and fantastic new job, being one of the few and blessed to land a full-time teaching job over the summer (and at the school of my top choosing!). Plus, I helped coordinate and attended my lady Cass's bachelorette party. The wedding itself is on Saturday, which is going to keep me busy this week. So instead of geeking over flowers and blog entries, I've been geeking out over grammar games, multi-genre writing projects, and dirty drag queens. (In the photo above, my girl Addy gets up close to one of the lovely ladies at Darcelle's. Photo credit goes to Sarah, maybe.)

One of our little projects for the wedding was a mini-craft night in which we cranked out magnets as wedding favors for the guest. Cass got to blow off some wedding stress, we got to kick it for the first time in a while, and we made the cutest magnets ever. Really, it's so easy and fun, I'm never buying magnets again. Here are just a few of our little creations:
This week may bring forth more photos, since I'm in charge of photography for the wedding. I'm going to borrow my friend Amy's camera and play around with it this week in hopes of getting comfortable with it by Saturday. Then, on Saturday morning, I'm going to head to the coast to take photos of Cass and Matt's big day. And it's going to be a big day, all right. And another lazy Sunday.

Here's Portland's famous Darcelle.

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  1. I know you will do a great and very creative job with the photography!!!!!
    Enjoy the coast and a few hours away from work!