City of Portland to Declare Honey Bee Week

Happy first annual honey bee week! Mayor Sam Adams is going to read this proclamation tonight at the world premier of "Queen of the Sun." Just in time for me, too, because I am worried about my bees and feel that I need some motivation, guidance, and help with them. So, in celebration of honey bee week, I am going to attend the first Tour de Hives next Saturday, 9/27, and hopefully attend the equinox showing of "Queen of the Sun." I'm learning that bee keeping is not something easily done in isolation, and I need some fellow top-bar beekeeping friends to help guide me my first few years. Maybe this week will allow some opportunities to make those face-to-face connections.


  1. haha tour de hives! that is so funny, there's an organic nursery here that did a premiere of that movie (and is doing another showing pretty soon) AND they put on a "tour de coop" bicycle tour of backyard chicken coops, both of which reminded me of you, of course. i was going to email you and see if you'd heard about the movie. is tour de hives a bike tour also? i hope you meet some cool beekeeping friends!

  2. They do a "tour de coop" here too, but I haven't been able to participate yet. Tour de hives sounds really loose; they give you a map and you can walk or bike. I'm excited!

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