After a slew of crazy weekends, all of which were away from home, I'm looking forward to being home this weekend with my cats, my chickens, my flowers, my bees, my boyfriend, my books, my students' papers (yes, even this seems comforting). Perhaps it's the familiar, the close-to-home and heart that I'm craving.
I am going to harvest my thriving chamomile, of which I've already collected and dried enough for a season.
I am going to dwell in my garden with shovel and rake and camera, watch the chickens chase moths and eat kale, and quietly observe my anarchic bees. I'm going to blog and read and sleep in and drink tea and harvest and take notes.
I'm going to harvest calendula seeds, sunflower seeds, cosmos seeds and enjoy the final frenzy of the garden now that October is here.
What are your weekend plans?

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