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Hulu this: Portlandia, with Carrie Brownstein and Fred Armisen, airs tonight on IFC, but many have already scoped it out on Hulu, including me, last night, with a living room full of friends. Some of the favored scenes:

When a special male guest uses the bathroom at a feminist bookstore and catches hell for it from the two sandal wearing, kombucha drinking proprietors. The bookstore was a spoof of In Other Words, a mere hop and skip from my house. While I've sadly still not made it to the bookstore, I did attend a raging fundraiser that my next door neighbors threw for the place when I lived over in the Alberta Arts District. Yes, the girls wore sandals and long skirts (like in the skit); they also knew how to throw a killer party, had great senses of humor, and their shelves were full of wonderful wonderful books. (The store has community yoga classes that I should really go check out.)

When a couple asks a million questions about a chicken before ordering lunch at a Portland and then decides to drive out to the farm to scope the place in person (when the chicken's file with a picture is not acceptable proof of the chicken's peaceful and happy life before the hatchet) before committing to ordering.

When a local group plays hide-and-seek at the PCC library, also near my house. This was funny in that Brian has spent countless hours studying in that library. That and the team's name was the "Sherlock Holmies."

The major question we had to ask after watching: Is this as funny to non-Portlanders as it is to us?

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