the story of the little lost bee: a hero's journey

On Sunday night, a bee flew from one of our shoulders or knees or arms or somewhere up to the light in the kitchen. On Monday, we found the same bee, exhausted, near the kitchen sink, drinking from almost invisible little drops of water. Since it was already after dark, Brian and I fed the bee some honey, dropping little droplets nearby so that she could suck them up (like the bees are doing in the above photo, cleaning the mess I made). She ate hungrily, enough to make me wonder how a little bee could eat so much honey. Eventually, she got full and left the rest of the honey behind. Yesterday, we could not find little bee. Our hope was to catch her during daylight hours and return her to the hive, but instead, we feared she'd died of exhaustion.

But no! Today, when I got home, she flew up and buzzed at me! I gently brushed her into a jar and walked her out to the hive, rather fearing that she could no longer really fly. But as I walked her out, she climbed out of the jar, so that by the time I got her to her home, she was ready to fly out and quickly return.

This is the little bee's hero's tale, of leaving her home, facing obstacles, falling into the abyss (the kitchen drain from which we rescued her), and then finding her way back home again.

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  1. aww, very cute story! i'm glad she made it. thanks for the info about the purple smudge tomatoes. i think i won't grow them this year.