It's that time of year. The sunshine is more potent, more plentiful. The wind has less bite. The earth smells musky. Everything seems verdant. And there's a frenzy to produce, to do, to make, to get done. Suddenly, everything still needs to be done, the job, the chores, the loving, living, laughing, plus the fierce energy of spring: the planting, the sewing, the tending. Then there are the moments when one must sit, sphinx-like, in a sunny spot. And just sit. In the sunshine. Totally in repose, surrounded by warm light, totally at peace, totally happy. Rare, blessed moments indeed, until it's back to the frenzy. Life seems to be so much about trying to do to do to do; that unquenchable thirst to try and taste everything (youth?) and that desire to sit in the sunshine and rest and soak every.thing. in.

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  1. frenzy is a good word for spring. i start to feel like a bee sometimes (i'm sure you feel this too)--running around and sticking my face in every new flower that blooms.