"I'm a s-l-u-t"

Ok, I am rarely overtly political here, but I had to share this video. Unless you live under a rock, you've heard about Rush Limbaugh's Sandra Fluke comments--about how she's a slut and a prostitute who should put her sex tapes on the internet so that we can watch them since she wants us to pay her to have sex, etc. Of course this was a general attack on women, and as such, women are responding.

Here's one awesome response:

 And here's a rather interesting read about legislation that is being proposed around the country that reduces women's rights in terms of contraception and sexual health. It even mentions the possibility of a sex strike.

Liberals have also caught some heat for their choice of language. Bill Mahr defends himself and his use of the c-word on his show; he uses freedom of speech as one defense, and his second defense is the fact that he used the c-word against Sarah Palin, not against all women. It was not, he argues, a general criticism but a very pointed one. What are your thoughts? Is it sexist for a man to call any woman the c-word? Wouldn't he be crucified if he called a black man--even one that no one liked--the n-word? Are the two comparable? I think that because women and blacks have both been historically oppressed, they are somewhat comparable (although the history of the n-word is far more significant than the history of the c-word), and perhaps our pointed criticisms of people do not have to reference their race or gender. Name calling just seems like a rather crass way to make a point anyway.

Another interesting comment that he makes: Arizona legislatures want to make it legal for doctors to lie to women in order to prevent an abortion. WTF?! Does anyone know anything about this?

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