10 List

Of course, grateful for this little guy.
A lot of grading and a severe sinus infection have prevented me from posting much of late--or accomplishing much. But I am visualizing health and manifesting a wonderful weekend. It is Friday, the day I like to dedicate here to gratitude. Being grateful for the beauty in our world--consciously reminding ourselves, every day, of that beauty, helps inspire us to create more beauty.

And so here are 10 things on my list right now:

1. My cold is past the worst and I'm on my way back to golden health.
2. My cousin's hubby got accepted into Penn State for engineering.
3. This weekend is my local bridal shower with some of my best Portland girls!
4. Sunshine in Portland for 2 weeks straight!
5. That my friends have a brand new, healthy, beautiful baby girl.
6. Being industrious and getting my house cleaning out of the way first thing so that it's not hanging over my head all weekend. (Now I should sit and do some grading.)
7. Having an amazing yard with so much potential for ducks, chickens, bees, fruit, veggies, flowers, herbs.
8. Discovering the loveliness of the roses, irises, lillies, and columbine that have been planted here before we moved in.
9. Herb spirals.
10. Fresh eggs.

What are you grateful for in your life? xo.

Irises and columbine along one side of our house.


  1. sorry about your cold! :( allergies are getting me pretty bad right now so i feel your pain. the flowers are beautiful! i'm grateful for the flowers at my new place too--every time something is on its way out, a different flower blooms to take its place. first it was violets, pear/apple/quince blossoms, tulips and grape hyacinths, then an explosion of lilacs, now it's a huge bed of big red poppies at the end of the driveway, and coming up next are roses and a bunch of unidentified little flowers.

  2. Emily, your new house seems so charming! It will be fun to see what you do with your new space.