Latest addition to the homestead


We did it! We took the wild, somewhat spontaneous plunge, and bought three baby chicks. Two ameraucanas and one black australorp. 
Our current tally is now:
2 humans
2 felines
a whole lotta redworms
3 baby chicks

I believe the selling point was the fact that we have 10 weeks until the coop needs to be ready, so after we finish the bee hive and introduce the bees to their new home, we'll still have a month to prepare a suitable coop.  Currently, they're nestled under their heat lamp, resting from the journey to the new home.

I don't plan on naming them. They are here for amusement and entertainment, but also to feed our soil, eat our slugs, feed us eggs, and eventually, provide us with meat, and I hereby vow this: if I can't eat them then a vegetarian I become. I will end the sham of distancing myself from my meat. I will admit that I'm a hypocrite, and I will happily eat vegetables and fruit from my garden, eggs from my chickens, honey from my bees, and cut meat from my diet entirely.

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