A wannabe farmer keeps on dreaming...

My next door neighbor Amy's chicken Peet has laid a few of her brown eggs, the first eggs her lovely ladies have lain. And she just gave us some tenderloin from Afton Field Farm's Valentine's Day Special, which she discovered on the blog High Heels in the Barnyard (sounds like Carrie from "Sex in the City" goes camping, only much cooler).

Meanwhile, I signed myself up for a free chicken raising workshop on Saturday at Livingscape Nursery. I'm getting bees and have red worms, so why not chickens? And maybe a duck. The workshop is free, and I'm gradually becoming more and more sickened by grocery store poultry, dairy, etc., even if I buy eggs from so-called free-range chickens. I want to be as close to the source of my food as I can possibly be.

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