Here's an article that helps explain why birds have such brilliant plumage and an implied explanation of why chickens roost at night.

My little poopers are growing like sunflowers, bigger and bigger every day which you can't really tell from the photos which show an ameraucana and black australorp from Week 1 to Week 2. We'll have owned them for two short weeks this Saturday, and they've doubled in size already.

My sewing room is now a grow-room/barn yard. See the shelves with a myriad of seedlings getting bigger and bigger. The chickens live in the bin/box down below the heat lamp. I love it!

And yet can't wait until the coop is built, the garden is planted, and my sewing room is a sewing room once more. But am I deluding myself? Can an urban bee keeper and chicken tender living in a two-bedroom house ever have a sewing room? The room might have to be promoted to hobby room. I've given up on the notion of having a spare bedroom. But my man is handy, and he thinks the coop needs to be multifunctional coop/shed/bicycle shelter. We'll see what he comes up with. I can't wait to paint it all. I should have a Tom Sawyer party with my artistic friends, and we can make coop murals!

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  1. such cute little chicks! and i love the shelving/light setup. what fun!!