the moon was waxing above the waves

Last week, I gardened, sewed, and started my new waitressing job, followed by a weekend at the coast with friends, turn tables, a hot tub with a view, and tasty morel treats picked last weekend near Sisters, OR, including morel and fresh basil pizza made by Brian and amazing morel quiche made by Matt.

Although I will substitute teach as much as I can until the end of the school year (16 days to go), my summer will bring free days. One of the joys of working evenings is the plethora of yoga classes at my gym on weekday mornings. My whole body sings and thanks me after I do yoga, and now that I'm on my feet more, I'm going to try to heal and strengthen myself by doing yoga twice weekly.

Another joy of free days is having the energy to garden and sew before I go to work. I've started my friend Kara's new pillows and curtains, and I have a myriad of projects in mind, including more yoga mat bags for friends, gardening aprons, grocery totes, a wall-hanging book holder, etc.

Subbing offers little in the way of inspiration or activity, so I might use the time to create reference points for myself and others of blogs that I've found inspiring and DIY projects that I want to try. The first one comes from Design Sponge.
I love this colorful pouf that could be made with any assortment of textiles, from floral to paisley to solids. I want to make one to have not just for the color potential and extra seating but also as a place for kitties to curl up and snooze.

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