blackberry bramble and other delights

Apart from savoring some backyard blackberry honey, we will again, like many Portlanders, be trying to come up with creative, delicious ways to enjoy the fecundity of blackberries that are everywhere, including the back corner of my backyard, the one place I don't battle them, and a current pollen and nectar sanctuary for my bees.

Here are some lovely recipes that Modish posted today for your berry surplus. I can't wait to try the sorbet and possibly the pie, since our apple tree is also brimming. The cocktail also sounds like a sip of summer loveliness, and here are some other suggestions:
*Try crushing sage into your lemonade. Perhaps add a splash of vodka, if you're so inclined.
*Muddle cherries, mint, and club soda.
*Muddle some rosemary and limes into your gin and tonic.
I imagine a bit of lavender would taste lovely with any of these as well.

Side note: Heartbreakingly, we're having a helluva time getting our sour cherries out of our cherry tree. A tall ladder doesn't get you out on the branches. Any suggestions?

Anyway, here are the recipes. Bon berry appetit!

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