her labor is a chant

Curious behavior from my bees today. Apparently, they are bearding. Here's what the entrance to the hive looks like today:
The top photograph is a close up of the bees fanning the entrance of the hive with their wings, which they are also doing inside of the hive in order to keep cool. It's possible that the hive doesn't have enough ventilation, although most likely I need not worry as this behavior is common when temperatures are close to 100 (which is the high today, according to the forecast).
It's imperative that the bees have access to water, or they will dehydrate. They also use the water to cool the hive, carrying in the droplets and then fanning them with their wings. When collecting water, the bees need something to stand on so that they won't drown.
These glass pieces work, as do wine corks, stones, branches, oyster shells, pea stones, etc. Bees will return to the same place for water, so it's important to water your bees as regularly as you water your other animals.
Despite the heat, many foragers are about, collecting pollen and water. It's bloom time--perhaps near the end of bloom time, as mid-summer often brings a dearth--and the foragers are currently in love with the flowering trees in my front yard. Any one recognize it? I have yet to identify these trees, but now that they're flowering, my curiosity has spiked.


  1. funny that you're posting about this--it was hot today here too, and there were tons of bees in my garden, waaay more than usual. and instead of going to the flowers they were mostly hanging out on the periphery of wherever i had the sprinkler running, landing on damp plants to have a drink. great video and photos...did you get a new camera? i don't see the little splotch anymore.

    those tree blooms look familiar. are they extremely fragrant and sweet-smelling? if so there are a lot of them blooming here too. i can't get over how wonderful they smell, it's like springtime again. unfortunately i don't know what they are.

  2. No new camera...hmm, where'd the splotch go? The blossoms are sweet! They remind me a bit of honeysuckles. The bees love them!