Garden Friday Fail

So, I haven't done one of these in a few weeks, but one of my fails is my poor note keeping. I have mysterious things growing in my garden that I can't quite identify: musk melon? acorn squash (I didn't plant any of those, did I?)? giant zucchini? I have tomatoes whose labels got bleached out in the sun and now are unidentified. So now I have a bit of a mess, rather than the meticulous notes that I wanted to keep, indicating a green thumb's expertise observations of her garden in a zen-like, holistic manner.
Fail! (But isn't she pretty?)


  1. this is a fail of mine too! lots of bleached/washed away/lost labels, lots of mysteries, lots of being too lazy to weigh and measure and note all those particulars i wanted to record. but it's fun getting surprised by things when they finally end the suspense and ripen. and yes very pretty!

  2. Sorry your tomatoes are coming in so late. Ours are just about at the end. But I lost the names of the various kinds as well.
    Glad you are teaching, hope Mr B gets a job as well.

  3. Emily, how do we solve this problem of bleached labels? Curses! This might have to be a craft-night project for me some time this winter.

    Minnesota, did you freeze any tomato sauce this year? I am hoping that I will get to preserve some of my own tomato sauce eventually.

  4. I have frozen about 20 packages in hopes you will use them. I have added basil to some and onions etc to others. Alas, the tomato season is almost over for us.