more goodies from the garden

My sunflowers are blooming splendidly, and the honeybees love them. And I love them. And the whole world loves them. I no longer work evenings; the summer restaurant job is behind me and a new school year with a full-time, permanent position faces me. So I am sleepily enjoying my garden in the evenings now, which may mean more photos, more naps, reading, eating delicious home-cooked dinners in the dome, and more out-door movie nights (Mr. B built a huge movie screen in the back yard out of plywood).
In addition to the long-awaited blooming of the sunflowers, I am finally about to start harvesting stuff beyond greens. I have squash, mysterious mysterious squash growing, including an almost-ripe zucchini. I have tiny little green beans (at last! at last!). Tomatoes are getting some color, and the peppers are popping. I have my salsa recipe and white vinegar on standby. Plus, I cleared a bunch of bramble to make the harvesting of blackberries easier with hopes for blackberry wine and sorbet and cobbler. We're also getting our second crop of salmon berries, and the berries are plump and sweet. I continue to harvest chamomile every day, and I'm also harvesting nasturtium and marigold seeds.

Here's an orange-fleshed purple smudge tomato starting to show some of its purple smudge.
Here's a ripe tomato that I've lost the name of, but that's okay because I work with the woman who gave me the seedling last spring. But yay, a ripe tomato!
Speaking of tomatoes, I'll soon be harvesting currants as well. Little tiny currant tomatoes have been quite the journey. The plants are quite lovely, the tomatoes are tiny, and everything about this plant took patience. The seeds took so long to germinate that I'd rather given up hope on them, and now I have two lovely currant plants fruiting like crazy. Harvest season is almost upon me!

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  1. the yellow tomato is most likely a yellow pear. it's an heirloom from the early 1800s--i've been growing them for three years now and this year i didn't even have to bother planting them, they came up as volunteers all over the yard. i must've dropped a lot when i harvested last year. anyway congrats on your first ripe tomato!

    that's weird about the currant tomatoes taking so long...what variety did you plant? i love those little guys, they're sooo delicious and prolific--i get a full bowl of them every day now.