Santa Baby

Dear Santa,

When we talked on the phone on Thanksgiving, I promised you that I would post my Christmas list. Well, Santa, here it is. Read on, have a few chuckles, and enjoy!
Of course, beautiful prints from the QiQiGallery on Etsy would be much loved.

However,  a gift card to Sock Dreams would be dynomite! Especially as I'm still thinking about these gorgeous crocheted tights.
Then there are these sick boots from The Frye Company to wear with the tights.
A girl can dream, can't she?
Of course, snowshoes would be well worn and well loved as well, especially in the magical forests on Mt. Hood.

 I will leave you to ponder this also, Santa: Helping out financially with plane tickets home for bridal shower and wedding would be much appreciated. Any of these gifts would be loved, but are not necessary.

Much love,

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  1. nice list! those snowshoes look fancy...my mom showed me an article recently on how to make your own snowshoes out of willow branches. might be a cool project to try if santa decides not to bring those.