raindrop tea

Here's a new, random column for my blog, which I will hopefully update once a week and that will celebrate the title of my blog, Raindrop Tea.

Here's today's sip of herbal tea or tisane with memories of the summer harvest, the energy of the sunshine, the fall of the rain, the colors of my garden.

2 t. chamomile, hand picked and dried from my garden.
a pinch of dried lavender from a local lavender farm.
dried organic peaches, hand picked from Sauvy Island
dried blueberries, also hand  picked from the island

This is tonight's tea, designed to be a naturally sweet sedative that will send us off into dreamland after a day of long hours and hard, good work.

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  1. mmm, that sounds delicious. i don't have any of these ingredients but i like the idea of making berry tea, so maybe i'll throw some huckleberries in a flower blend tisane.