friday fantastic

What is fantastic about this Friday?

It is the start of a 3-day weekend, and I have exceedingly few plans, which means I may be able to conquer some of my many goals, including grading 9th grade honors essays, finish reading The Time Traveler's Wife, start re-reading Lolita, take walks and pictures, go for a run, start my seeds, finish two current sewing projects and start two new ones, and clean my house. My grin will be fantastically wide if I manage all these. Perhaps I should close down and go get started!

I think I may spend some time planning my garden. I think I will need to scale down a bit this year, due to teaching 6 classes this spring. However, I do want to have fantastic heirloom tomatoes, lush teas and flowers, and an eclectic variety of peppers so I can quadruple (at least) my output of the dank hot sauce I made in December. I want to grow more of what I enjoyed, such as chamomile, lettuce, kale, sunflowers, and peas, but I also don't want to spend the money I spent last year on starts and seeds (so I say now). Must have self-control (something that's quite difficult for me when it comes to books, flowers, seeds, and starts).

Happy week ending!

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