Frugal February

Frugal February is going fairly well, although there are some bumps in the road. I sometimes feel like money and me are like oil and vinegar. But I haven't gone out to eat at all, and I've only been out for a drink once, yesterday, and those were cheap. My friend compelled me, oh vixen, oh temptress! And I haven't bought coffee, although I was sorely tempted the other day!

Here are some of the things I've spent money on:
A plane ticket home in March. This is the big one. I am hoping to pay this off after payday.
$28 at the local nursery on two 5 week old chicks (more on these later), feed, and potting soil.
Wine. I am not drinking out. I am drinking at potlucks and dinner parties.
Groceries, gas, bills, etc.
$10 on Lolita. (Despite my love of Powells, where I did spend some of my gift card, I had to order Lolita from Amazon. A five dollar price difference on a paperback is a big deal.)

Things I haven't spent money on (but wanted to):
I didn't go to the bargain boutique sale at the Crystal Ballroom and spend money on clothes and accessories from Portland boutiques. I went snowshoeing instead.
I am going snowboarding this weekend and am being gifted the lift ticket!
Gas money on going to Seattle for a friend's wedding reception. We decided to spend that money on a gift instead.

I think that Frugal Feb. may have to turn into Moderate March. I feel like I am building some great habits. I need to keep going with these new behaviors so I can save for a house, traveling to South America, driving across country, and all the other things that take, ugh, money.

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