Cupcake fever

Here are some ideas in the works for my sister's shower.
{via: Allen Heberger and oh! cupcakes}
I am on the prowl for cupcake mastery and creativity for the cupcake tower!
This cupcake suits me. I like the little green ribbon and apparently simple design incorporating the edible flower. I've thought from the beginning that edible flowers would be a sweet touch. Pansies, especially, since they're one of my favorite spring flowers. My cousin is also making chocolate covered strawberries, so those might be a nice addition to the tower or may be beautifully arranged on their own.

{via Kelli Boyles at My Garden Diary}

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  1. oh my goodness, those chocolate covered strawberry cupcakes look so delicious. i want to bury my face in a massive dollop of that frosting. have you ever watched cupcake wars? it's a silly show but i like it (it's good to knit to.) if you're looking for inspiration that might be a good thing to check out. not only do they make incredibly creative cupcakes, they also construct awesome displays.