8 by 2012!

Happy belated Thanksgiving to all. Today, Brian and I are hosting our first Thanksgiving in our new home; some of our favorite friends are joining us and we're having a pot-luck style feast. We're roasting an obscenely large turkey, slow cooking three home-culled chickens (yesterday's big project), making stuffing, and baking some pies. Friends are bringing the rest.

Here's the 12 by 2012 update:

1. Blog: update and rethink blog with steps taken/initiated toward new design for the new year.
In progress now that I've posted about our engagement!
2. Academics: Complete my grad. level PSU class with an A and a possible publication.
Progress continues here. Final draft due in one week, so this week I will focus on this goal.
3. Painting: Finish painting the bedroom sky blue, the guest bedroom hazel green, the hallway a turquoise/teal and the downstairs a creamy latte/chocolate brown.
In progress: finished the second coat of hazel green in the guest bedroom and finished the blue in the bedroom.
4. Donate old clothes and books.
5. Host a friend's Thanksgiving: Invite people over for a Thanksgiving potluck the Saturday of Thanksgiving weekend.
Done-ish! Or this will be done all too soon.
6. Host some thank-you dinners for friends who have been super helpful in the past month of stress and madness.
7. Unpack. I still have lots of projects and decorating to do, but I feel safe to say that this is done!
8. Buy a washer and dryer.
9. Buy a new phone and get set up on family plan and teacher discount.
10. Take real steps toward the next big project (to be clarified later). 
We have three houses rented, the wedding spot rented, and I've started to look at dresses. That's some progress, but I'd like to find a caterer and photographer by Jan. 1.
11. Start taking photographs and publishing them again.
12. Go to yoga at least 7 times.
In progress: Went four times!

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