On Thanksgiving, I went to yoga and was asked to reflect on someone in my life who filled me with a sense of gratitude. Whoever resonated with me that day.

On that day, it was my mother.

Yesterday, I found out that my college roommate's mother passed away; she had a heart attack.

So I'm writing a thank-you post to the mothers out there. Think of your own mother; let yourself feel grateful, sad, homesick, happy--whatever you need to feel.

I feel grateful, undeniably grateful and homesick and happy and a bit sad.

Thanksgiving should be everyday, except for maybe the gross over-eating. I want to focus this blog more on ways of bringing serenity, grace, and gratitude into my life while also reaching toward my goals, be the reaches baby steps or giant bounds.

Today, I feel gratitude again to my mother, beautiful, healthy, loved.

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