Happy new year! It's now 2012, and my twelve goals have been completed successfully!

1. Blog: update and rethink blog with steps taken/initiated toward new design for the new year. Done!
2. Academics: Complete my grad. level PSU class with an A and a possible publication. Done! 
3. Painting: Finish painting the bedroom sky blue, the guest bedroom hazel green, the hallway a turquoise/teal and the downstairs a creamy latte/chocolate brown.
Done--repainted craft room in hazel green and twilight, painted dining room and upstairs hall a soft yellow, and painted downstairs hallway in Divine twilight.
4. Donate old clothes and books. Done!
5. Host a friend's Thanksgiving: Invite people over for a Thanksgiving potluck the Saturday of Thanksgiving weekend. Done!
6. Host some thank-you dinners for friends who have been super helpful in the past month of stress and madness. Done!
7. Unpack. Done!
8. Buy a washer and dryer. Done! 
9. Buy a new phone and get set up on family plan and teacher discount. Done!
10. Take real steps for wedding planning. 
Done. And of course, not done. The wedding's in August, so the work continues, but I spent quite a few hours on this over break.
11. Start taking photographs and publishing them again. Done!
12. Go to yoga at least 7 times. Done!

Now, how do I structure my continuing goals and what are they? If I were to simply brainstorm, I would say that they are:
to continue yoga practice
to exercise regularly
to stencil my house
to make curtains and pillows for my house
to build a bedroom closet
to host an awesome wedding and reception
to take the time to meditate, read, craft, and eat well

Maybe this week, I should try for the following:
Cardio 3x
Yoga 1x
Save the date cards

What are your goals for the year/the month/the week?

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  1. congratulations on making all your goals! that's quite an accomplishment.

    some of my goals right now: finish making a few xmas presents (late as it is), read more, eat more whole foods.

    i just finished #4 on your list, too--purged three huge bags full, mostly clothes. it felt so good.