The 10 List

A moment of gratitude to end the week. What small, almost-unnoticed or wonderful, monumental moments are you grateful for in your life?

1. The smell of cut grass.
2. The smell of spring rain.
3. Pink petals raining down from the trees.
4. Knowing that those who seem the happiest work hard for their happiness through focus on physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual health (there's a comfort/inspiration in that fact).
5. Escaping from jury duty unscathed.
6. Food carts and bubble tea.
7. The blossoming of a new book club!
8. Being inspired by a friend who is an artist and full of light and energy.
9. Making handmade wedding invites and knowing that these are some of the most important invitations I'll ever make in my life!
10. Being able to listen when someone just needs to talk.


1 comment:

  1. -watching the mama and papa Eastern bluebird take care of their nest
    -an inspiring homily
    -lots of blossoms on my blueberry bushes
    -a persistent mother robin making a nest in my pansies basket hanging on front door. Now she is sitting on her egg.
    -iced tea with lots of lemon
    -homemade cookies
    -Masterpiece Classics on PBS
    -family that keeps in touch
    -a weeded raspberry patch