34 by 35

Sometimes you just need to play in the sun.
Goal setting is important. We all do it. I think some of us love making to-do lists. We love setting goals and challenges for ourselves. I keep several lists. One is rather large and daunting. It includes things that aren't so fun, like paying taxes, and then there are goals that are more creative, like planning the gifts for my bridesmaids.  I also often write a weekly breakdown that I've been publishing here, and that helps sift the larger goals into smaller, day-to-day goals. It helps me keep my eyes on what I really want to accomplish or focus my energies on. Then, I have my day-to-day to-do list. These are often based off of the larger goals: going to the craft store to buy supplies for invitations, running 3 miles to meet my weekly goal of 12, etc. And they're also based around general maintenance: cleaning the chicken coop, watering the plants, doing laundry, etc.

I really liked doing the 12 by 2012. It helped me stay focused and feel accomplished as I was able to check them off. Recently, I found this: a list of goals leading up to one's birthday. This seems like a great way to replicate the 12 by 2012, and I'd love it if a few of you joined me. You could comment on this blog by writing about some of your goals, some of your accomplishments, and some of your set-backs. These goals can be large and inspired, or they can be--and some of them should be, especially if you're older than, um, 10--smaller so that you're able to keep yourself motivated by making some strides forward by being able to check off the smaller goals and able to focus your energies more on the bigger goals.

So this week, I'm going to write my 34 goals (current age) by 35 (age I'll be--gulp!--on my next birthday). I am going to base goals around some of the following categories:
Academic/intellectual: brain exercise!
Physical health: feeding/loving the body
Community service
Creativity: feeding the soul

Don't forget, if the sun comes out for the first time in a long time, to run outside and play. Your goals will be there when you get back! This was the tune of my entire weekend.

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