busy bees

We've all been busy bees here, grading junior lit papers and studying anatomy and gardening and painting. The bees have made their hive spotless, removing all dead bees from the hive and spreading out slowly on the top bars, building comb (presumably, although I haven't seen any yet). What I did see tonight was a bee return to the hive with a pollen basket plump and yellow with her gatherings!!!!

This weekend, we painted the coop with leftover paint that we dug out of the basement and a chicken stencil that I made out of a brown paper bag. The coop now also serves as a shed with a roof overhanging on the other side. We have our bikes locked up to a metal pole that runs along the back and our shovels and push mower all underneath.

I planted a bunch of seeds. Beets, spinach, leeks, rapini, mullen, larkspur, bachelor button, and columbine. I also discovered air plants! I bought this one for myself this weekend, and it's the only one I've seen with a flower on it.


  1. i love what you did with the coop! such wonderfully bright springy colors, and the stenciled chickens are adorable.

  2. oh, mullen! i had to look that up because i knew i'd heard of it before...have you read the poem "great mullen" by william carlos williams? it inspired a long and strangely detailed discussion on mullen in one of my poetry classes.

  3. I haven't read the poem, but thanks! I love having literary connections to my garden. I used that poem "Green Things Growing" in my creative writing class this week.