Zen weekending

I'm going to the beach this weekend armed with blankets, beats/bass, books on bees, brioche, boyfriend, beautiful people, brauts, boil*, yurts, journals, camera, wine...Bring it, Nehalem!

*Boil is apparently some sort of delicious stew that a fellow beach-comber is concocting.

Meanwhile, here are some bits for a lovely, creative, relaxing weekend.
Anju Mulder's photography (that's one of her photos above), especially her "Illustrations and typography," has me swooning.

Vanessa Paxton's flickr stream has me mesmerized. Check out her photos here

Erotographomania: a mania for writing love letters

Here's another student poem:

I'm the time between day and night at the end of fall
and the beginning of a long gray winter season

I'm a spore floating on the spring wind
spreading new life to wherever I drift

I'm just there, no greater goal; no purpose
I'm just there

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