meanwhile, in craftyland...

Tonight, I'm hosting craft night. We're going to drink cheap red wine, eat gooey brownies, and decorate plastic and terra cotta pots for our container gardens, inspired by Modish and Lavender and Limes. Even though I sent out the invite to this about two weeks ago, my ideas are finally flourishing, and I'm feeling the need to run to the craft store after work. 

On the Modish blog, she painted a doily pattern onto her pots, which I love. I'm thinking of spray painting a container, then using actual doilies as a stencil, using another color of spray paint or acrylic paint. Then I'll cover it with varnish.

Lavender and Limes uses fabric to decorate pots, but modge podge is not going to withstand waterings with the sprinkler and rain showers, so I'm thinking instead that I'll invest in some fabric-tac, which claims to be able to withstand numerous washings. So hopefully that works outside. I have some adorable scraps of fabric and some ugly clothes waiting to be torn apart and transformed.

I finished my embroidery of "Become what you love," but rookie's mistake: I embroidered it all too close to the edge, so rather than frame it up, I need to figure out what else to do with it. Perhaps turn it into a pillow or a wall hanging using some rad linen or some cotton with some applique.

I also really want to make these: I think they'd be a great splash of color for my garden in addition to a guerilla quilt-square style method of using scrap material.

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