love arrows

After a weekend of meeting amazing new people and savoring the salty sea air, May came in wearing dismal thunder clouds and cold, cold air, literally and figuratively. I feel the cold bite of the critic rearing her ugly head, mocking me. My mood swings from anti-social tendencies to feelings of loneliness. I feel crowded in by too many project and anxious by the high demands I seem to place on myself. Perhaps this stems from the insecurity May represents. On the 17th, I say goodbye to my beloved current job (my favorite job ever) of teaching American lit. and creative writing, and with a blue heart, say goodbye to my creative, smart, frustrating, awesome, funny, creative, sassy, challenging, sweet, entitled, demanding, cool, stylish (and so forth) students. I then return to the world of shlubbing ("shlepping" combined with "subbing").

But this post isn't meant to be a self-indulgent poor-me pity party. Instead, it's a resolve: I'm going to fight the blues by giving the love away! I have 20 targets for my love arrows and the list keeps growing. Time to get to creating and giving, rather than sulking and moping.

Anyone want to join me? We can make May our "love arrow" month for those people in our life that we love and hold dear. We can give candy, homemade cards, compliments, or whatever else strikes our imagination. I'm starting today. Let the journey begin.

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