plant, paint, collage, sew

My project ideas continue to exceed my talents and my time allowance, but that's okay. I'd rather have too many ideas than none. Ideas excite, entice, and enchant. In one week, I'll be handing in my classroom key and entering the world of waiting tables and working around the house on projects such as these (rather than working 50 hours or more a week on teacher stuff. But**sigh**I do love teaching):

I really really want to make a wall planter board. I first saw them at Portland Nursery, and am currently keen on building my own using hens and chicks and perhaps other rock-wall loving plants/succulents.

Part of my front yard is a complete mess of weeds rather than grass, so I've started the job of digging it up and turning in into a bee-friendly garden rich with foxglove, hollyhocks, sage, thyme, buttercups, cosmos, and asters. Plans are in the works.

B-rye uses an ugly fugly box lid to store his mixer in, and I'm going to deck it out all styley cool via collage and perhaps some spray paint. I'm looking forward to that little task.

Since my side of the bed is up against the wall, I want to make myself a colorful linen wall hanging to hold my books, a journal, and possibly a water bottle. I think I'm going for red and turquoise for bedroom colors.

I have been commissioned to sew my friend Kara's curtains, an exciting and slightly daunting task that I intend on facing with full exuberance next week! The Amazing B made my sewing table yesterday which is located right in the heart of our house, next to the hearth, in the living room. So I can sew while we watch movies and hang out.

My gift-giving is still in the conceptual phase more than anything, although I did give away seeds last week. But my gift plans are further advanced, including a semi-developed idea for a mother's day gift and a baby gift for a new mom. I'm skimping on details in case these special people read this post.


  1. the plant wall hanging looks really cool! wouldn't it be neat if you could--i'm sure you could--create curtains out of plants? maybe secure a big window box planter at the top of the window, with ivy or morning glory tendrils hanging down, and then braid them or weave them together to create a sort of living fabric. you could even alternate numerous different types of plants to create patterns.

  2. That's a really cool idea! I used to love growing ivy and recently bought some smaller plants for the first time in a while. A window box for ivy curtains would look good with a reddish/gold ivy and intertwine it with green ivy (grape ivy and English ivy maybe).

    I was also thinking of trying to make a wall planter using orchids, since they don't require soil and may hold easily behind the chicken wire. I need to learn a bit more about orchids first, although in my experience they're generally easy to take care of.