wish list

Today, Modish posted about Loja de estar, great color escape if you're stuck in a cubicle or a cloudy Portland day (rain, rain, go away!). I find myself dreaming of my turquoise and red bedroom, similar in colors to this photo above from loja de estar (which is the main reason I'm posting this. A self-reference, if you will). This summer, I'm going to pitch a tent in my garden, and give my bedroom a full make-over: turquoise walls, red dresser, and possibly a new bedspread.
Also from them, I love, love, love this bike carrier. Hmmm, another possible sewing project?
I also love these adorable birds on wires, which have craft-night project written all over them!


  1. i love the panniers! that looks pretty easy to construct too. one of the projects on my list right now is to sew a liner for my bike's front basket. i don't use panniers because they always seem to get in the way of my feet when i pedal, my heels constantly hit them, so making your own is a great idea because you can make them exactly the right size.

  2. What kind of materials do you think that I should use? Portland gets kind of wet, although the summer's are lovely and dry.

  3. the material pictured is oilcloth which would repel water, but typically it's not super sturdy, so i would use vinyl if rain was an issue...like a nice substantial upholstry vinyl. and if you can't find a good-looking vinyl you could just use any sturdy fabric on the outside, maybe a duck cloth or heavyweight upholstry material, then use a waterproof fabric to line it (oilcloth, vinyl, nylon, etc.) so the outside would still get wet but the cargo would stay dry. OR you could put any of those water-resistant fabrics on the outside and line with a sturdier fabric.

    i made one of my reversible canvas grocery bags water-resistant by making one side out of pleather. pleather is a good option too, especially if you go to the fabric store after halloween when it's on deep discount or clearance. hope that helps.