black to green

Turns out, I don't have a black thumb. I've been wondering: where have all my bean seeds gone? I have two, yes, two (1 and 2) bean plants growing out of several plantings of seeds. But my fears have been eased; I did not somehow destroy the soil in my garden. My thumb turns greenish again as my suspicions have been confirmed; it turns out that beans just hate cold, wet weather! Thanks to Gayla again!

We Portlanders really can't complain: we have a long growing season. Everything seems to grow here. But I've picked a tough year to get started on having my own garden: the 3rd wettest May on record, and possibly one of the wettest and coldest Junes as well. It's currently 53 farking degrees outside!!! and gray looms, threateningly.

So beans, if I must, I will keep trying with you, until I am happily eating you steamed with olive oil, sea salt, and lemon juice!


  1. oh my goodness, 53 degrees...crazy, crazy weather this year. even with reasonably lengthy growing seasons this soggy coldness is totally eating into our plants’ happy growing time, stealing precious frost-free weeks...i’m glad you’re not giving up on the beans, though. have you thought about starting them in containers then transplanting? i know beans don’t like transplanting so much but you could try, and at least get a few going even if the rain/cold doesn’t let up.

    i dig the new layout, btw. i’ve been thinking about sprucing up my blog and this is very inspirational.

  2. Thanks. I feel like I have a "blog of a different color." I'm always playing with it. Maybe this one will stick for a while.
    I have thought about trying to start some beans indoors and that might be my next go if the ones I planted recently don't sprout.