summer at last!

Yesterday, the radio told me that Portland had three days of clear sky this spring. I'm not sure what qualifies as a clear day, but three days...um, wow. I told a clerk that, and she responded, "Yeah, I noticed!" But yesterday felt like summer. Wonderful wonderful summer. I biked to the grocery store in shorts and a t-shirt, celebrating, rather than shivering at, the touch of the breeze on my bare arms and legs.
I also celebrated what felt like our summer solstice by making a delicious salad for two from our garden:
I weeded and planted, including planting more pansies, some shasta daisies, an orange-scented thyme that I found at the nursery covered in honey bees, and some annuals for our little outdoor sanctuary. We set up the dome that Brian built the other day, and yesterday, I added some homey touches and color.
I put cushions on the wicker chair and foot rest, hung up a curtain, spray painted two of the chairs green, and hung up the hammock from Ecuador. I also rolled the busted grill inside, and while it's currently holding several plants, I'm going to hang those eventually from the dome and turn the grill into a planter box.

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