A chicken retrospective

It's July. That means that the little peepers are now big squawkers. They've gone from being chased (or at least stalked) by kitties to chasing the kitties and each other around the yard or yelling at me when I won't let them out of their coop.
They've gone from being a closely knit threesome to three distinct chickens with varying personalities. The sussex usually minds her own business. The general (the barred rock) is happy when eating the tastiest morsel, and the americauna is curious, even going so far as to peek into the kitchen to explore.

And yesterday, July 6, 2010, I found the very first, beautiful, perfect, brindled little egg. Hoorah! I believe it's from the sussex or the general, because americauna's eggs are generally blue. Any educated guesses or thoughts?

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