Someone in my life recently said, "American eggs don't have the color that French eggs do." Has this man never seen farm-fresh, organic eggs? These are from our chickens. Look at the double yolk on the left, and observe how freaking orange all of the yolks are! Amazing, rich, delicious. Yesterday, I made a quiche with fresh eggs, fresh thyme, caramelized shallots, organic whole milk, freshly ground nutmeg, and Brian's marvelous crust. Tomorrow, oven-baked German pancakes with organic blueberries that we picked yesterday on Sauvie Island.
We're now getting approximately two eggs per day, one a solid, light brown and the other a speckled brown like our first egg, which means that the speckled sussex and plymouth barred rock are both laying. Miss Americauna, aka Kentucky, is not yet laying, as her eggs should be a light blue. One more week of this bullshit, and off with her head! Just kidding.

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  1. hi baby doll - i will switch the links - i am in love with what you are doing right now. How are you and Brian my kindred sweetheart?!?!?!? oxox