garden friday fail!

Over at Your Apples are My Oranges, Emily (who took the above photo) started "Garden Friday Fail" with the hope that other gardeners would join in with their foibles and black thumb moments, so here's my first installment of Garden Friday Fail!
My dream was to hide this ugly ugly fence with a wall of sunflowers, tall ones and short ones and medium sized ones. Yellow ones and orange ones and red ones. The bees would buzz around, the cats would sleep below, and everyone would be happy.
Well, here it is. Ugly fence still quite visible, with only one of all of the seeds I planted at various times successfully growing. The rest of the seeds, eaten by thieves? rotting in the ground? not fans of cold wet soggy springs?
I don't know. All I know is, fail!

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  1. ooh, fabulous fail! i’m sorry about your sunflowers, it was a very lovely concept at least...looks like you have one good one going though. and your kale looks great!