garden friday fail!

Today's fail is one of my topsy turvy tomatoes. Although they're great for saving space, I'm still not a convert to this method. Perhaps I'm not fussing with them enough. Maybe they're not quite getting enough sun. I'm not sure. But while one of them looks okay (not wonderful), the other one, an Amish Paste, is done for.
The leaves are crisp with spots that are brown in the center and yellow on the outside. The nasturtium is doing well, but the other plants that I attempted to grow from seed never made it. So it's just a funny looking contraption, and sort of a double fail.
But, I have 16 tomato plants still alive, many of which are starting to fruit!
Top photo courtesy of Emily.

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  1. how weird that we both lost a topsy-turvy this week! at least your nasties are looking nice--and now they have extra leg room.