strange fruit

Here's what I decided to do after learning I had the night off:
Months ago, Brian built shelves for the bathroom. This wood panel was the original top shelf, but since he rounded one corner, the shelf seemed a bit precarious: I was nervous someone might sit or lean on it and break it. So today, I decided to paint it. The background was already painted the same color as the bathroom walls. I grabbed my acrylics and painted the tree.
Then, I gathered materials: scraps of fabric, colored glass, broken jewelry, broken glass, paper doilies, cool paper, Modge Podge, and my hot glue gun.
And I started to glue and collage and decoupage and what have you. Then we hung it up in the bathroom, on the big blank blue wall. It looks pretty rad in there, I must say.

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  1. that looks beautiful!

    i was reading through an old cookbook last night and i came across a quote that made me think of you (of course, since it has to do with bees)...maybe you can use it in one of your craft projects or something:

    "If you love honey fear not the bees." --French Proverb