the breakfast club

So, our friend Matt proposed that we start our own version of the Breakfast Club, since Portland has oh-so-amazing breakfast spots. This town has got a lot of amazing, delicious cuisine, and Portlanders excel at their locally roasted coffee and at breakfast. So the first official meeting of the Breakfast Club was Sunday morning at Hash.

We waited on comfy leather furniture for our table for six while drinking locally roasted coffee that was nutty and not too bitter or biting. I ordered (along with over half the table) the corned beef with potatoes and a poached egg, brioche toast, and jam. Everything was delicious and the portion sizes were reasonable, as were the prices. We discussed what exactly corned beef was, and I learned that the salt they brine the corned beef in is actually shaped like corn. The atmosphere was clean, well-lit, comfortable. The only thing that didn't impress me were the paintings on the wall, large colorful acrylics that looked like paintings any one of us could have done ourselves.

Next month, we're considering for our second Breakfast Club outing Jam or the La Petit Provence.


  1. very interesting about the corned beef, i never would've guessed. you should bring a camera next time!

  2. Your comment about the camera reminded me that our server was wearing a shirt that said "pho shizzle!" She scored it at a yard sale.