food and other inspirations

So, blog. What are you and I gonna do all fall and winter, until it's catalog and seedling season? I can't just let you disappear forgotten into the internet ether. So instead, I'm going to look, once again, beyond my garden and yard (but still there too) for inspiration and humor and love and laughter to share with the world.

And food, this time of year, is a big part of that. I claim that it's my instinctual need to fatten up for the cold winter. I need that extra pudge to get me through, so suddenly, after months of not really wanting to be in the kitchen, I'm looking at recipes for pumpkin gnocchi, macaroni and cheese with mushrooms and sage, butternut squash soup, and fried green tomatoes. And I think that tonight, I'm going to go ahead and make this green tomato chutney from Gayla Trail.

As for eating out, Portland is a mecca for fabulous happy hours, and my new favorite is a place called Tasty n Sons, not too far from my 'hood. Happy hour cocktails aren't exactly cheap at $7, but the food is not only cheap but uh-uh-amazing! $1 bacon wrapped dates with almonds, $4 panna cotta, a $5 bleu cheese or cheddar bacon burger that drips delicious grease and really just might be the best burger deal in the city. I'm getting hungry writing about it. Is it time for lunch?


  1. yumm, those sound like exciting recipes! i've been wanting to make some butternut squash soup lately. have you ever tried making quickbreads? like pumpkin bread, banana bread etc...they're super simple and tasty, and so very autumn-appropriate.

    i'm glad you're keeping the blog going over the cold months. i never intended to turn mine into the garden-centric creature it is now, so i'll probably just go back to the randomness i used to post about.

  2. I love banana and zucchini and pumpkin bread but rarely make any. Last fall, I made lots of soups instead, and I think I'm going to make the butternut squash soup tonight and pumpkin gnocchi this weekend.

    As for my blog, I think I haven't written much lately partially due to the fact that it's become so much about the garden, but I think I want to start doing more random posts as well, like about cool stuff around Portland and food and crafts and family, etc.