yes, please

On my long shopping list, in addition to a new school bag, I have socks and tights. Here are some that make me swoon.

I love these burgandy codori crochet tights. The olive and black are also cool, but the burgandy seems the most eye-catching.
These charcoal diamond rib knee highs look soft and warm.
Um, yeah, love these Phoebe Over The Knee in petrol. Love the color and the pattern and the quirkiness of them.
These Derra Over The Knee are also lovely.
As are these ruffle topped leg warmers that can be worn as arm warmers as well.
All images and socks are from Sock Dreams. I think that I'm going to have to play Santa for some people at this little store, and perhaps, treat myself to a pair of something adorable. Of course, having great socks necessitates having great skirts and boots, but that search will have to be come later.


  1. Love the different socks. You have excellent taste. Can you bring some for Christmas? We need an excellent cook who is well dressed in these beautiful socks.

  2. i love sock dreams. i've spent waaay too much money there over the years...in fact i have an entire set of drawers in my room filled with just socks and tights, mostly from sock dreams. it's really excessive. those crochet tights are very lovely.