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It's been quiet on the blogging front, although there have been adventures galore to write and report on. Here's what I have been doing instead of blogging: reading!

This novel, set mainly in Portland during the 1980s, is so freaking sad yet beautiful, about a young biracial girl who struggles because she feels unaccepted by both whites and blacks while simultaneously struggling with the tragic death of her family and the guilt of being the only survivor. This might be a hot contender for lit. circles with my American lit. students next year. Apparently, the author wrote the book with teens in mind as it reflects her own background, upbringing (she grew up in Portland in the 80s), and that there were no books targeted to her.

American Lit. students are about to read A Raisin in the Sun, which I just reread for the 4th time, maybe. Maybe more. I love, love, love this play. I don't think I've ever taught a piece of literature that I love more than this play. Every page reminds me of how much I love it. Hansberry's characters' struggle for integrity and pride is overwhelming, and this play has such a strong message of empathy and love. I cannot wait to share it with students.

A few friends and I have also started a book club. Our first pick: Lolita by Vladimir Nabakov. I'm the only one in the group who has read it before, which is a travesty. They all must read it, and I will gladly read it again. Nabakov is a genius. Stay tuned in March for more on book club.

What are you reading?

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  1. those do sound interesting. i just started pollan's "second nature" and so far i love it.