So, I've been hinting at some big changes going on in my life since about late July, and the first one is the fact that we're engaged! Brian asked me on the coast, at sunset, in late July. We were sitting on a bench, surrounded by trees, home to deer and elk, with an amazing view of the waters and the colors of the sunset. I've been meaning to post, but I wanted to use an engagement pictures and other big life changes got in the way (more on that soon!). So here is the big news, at long last!

Thanks to Amy for taking this incredible photo of us under the St. John's bridge. The lighting is so romantic and perfect, and as in life, he is supporting me and making me feel as though I could fly.

I have a graphic design student at my high school designing our save-the-date cards. I can't wait to see what she comes up with, using other amazing photos by Amy.


  1. What a surprise!!!!!!!!! We are very happy for you. We are busy selecting our attire for the affair. Wendy called and said you are planning a small wedding, so we are trying to keep our side to 100. But remember, Brian is the baby of the family. Not only of the immediate family, but for 10 years, of the extended family as well. Much love, FMIL and FFIL

  2. That's ok, future MIL. My mother says a lot of my family won't be able to make it, unfortunately, so your side will have to fill in the gaps!

  3. Congratulations Jess. I am so happy for you!