feels like christmas eve

Due to inclement weather, I will not be able to pick up my bee box until tomorrow. So to cheer myself up, I discovered these incredible bee photographs. I also discovered this website, Urban Bee Gardens, which includes this bee-friendly flower guide. I did sprinkle a wildflower mix that includes borage, catmint, and cosmos, plus I have some more cosmos, lemon balm, bee balm, thyme, foxglove, hollyhock, lavender, mint, pincushion flowers, sunflowers, and poppies either already growing or waiting to be planted or sewn.

I've studied up and recited and pondered, and I'm ready. I'm ready for my bees. Gray, cold, rainy weather be gone!

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  1. Hi Jessica- Good luck with your bees and I'll try and send some good weather your way!

    MB- Bees and chicks