It rather shocks and astounds me that some people go shopping for fun.

"What should we do today?"
"Let's go shopping!"

In my house, it's, "Shit, we really need to go buy ___________________." (Unless the item is a book, a bottle of wine, or a new tool/craft supply)

However, there is a long list of items that I do indeed need to buy, one being a new school bag (i.e. purse big enough to hold my journal and a few books and a water bottle). My ancient bag, purchased at The Gap about 100 years ago, is tattered and ragged and much loved and crawling towards retirement.

Here are a few I've found on Etsy that are possibilities:
 This one is from Tesage on Etsy. I like the simplicity, the size, and the unique print.

Not really my color, but I love the style and practicality of this one from FuchstBags. I would be able to convert my favorite bag into a backpack whenever I commute via bike. Of course, it wouldn't do much good in the rain, but then, I don't bike a whole lot in the rain anyway.
I think I'd go with the red.

Or perhaps the blue.

I'd really like a vinyl bag with applique. Something water proof and whimsical, in the messenger-bag style. I just met a woman with an adorable one from Kitty Empire.
I like the last two the best. Vinyl, water proof, messenger bags with whimsy and cherry blossoms and the gray one is on sale. Time to stew this over.


  1. I too am looking for a new bag. Thanks for all the info. I wish I could find such creative looks nearby!

  2. You could buy these all online at the website. Click on the links I provided. I can show you when I come visit. :)